Inner, Tactile paths - rubber

Inner, Tactile paths - rubber

Tactile paths for interior spaces are made of vulcanised rubber of a prescribed width of 40cm. They are anti-slip and are made into two different tactile surfaces, also recommended in the Rulebook. Their purpose is for the independent movement of blind and sandblind persons in the indoor space. They provide complete signaling to the blind and sandblind persons by white stick and touching by legs while walking on them.

We distinguish paths with:

  • elief of the tactile lines, these are the GUIDE paths. Their purpose is to direct the blind and sandblind persons to the desired space in the building,
  • Vodilja - Taktilna površina
  • relief of tactile circles, these are WARNING paths. Their purpose is to alert the blind and sandblind persons about the beginning of the signaling, turning, changing direction, intersection, turning to the entrance to other rooms, reaching the Orientation Plan and finally stop signing, which provides information to blind and sandblind person that he has reached the main entrance, elevator, stairs, etc.
  • Upozoravajuća - Taktilna poršina

It is important to note that the tactile surface in the outer and inner paths is designed to be identical. All dimensions: track width, line width, line spacing, height, circle diameter, spacing and arrangement of circuits are identical in the outer and inner paths. So the blind persons have identical signaling both from the outside and inside the object. The difference can be felt only by the hardness of the material: metal - rubber.

Internal tactile paths can be made in several shades - colors, in order to differentiate them from the background, ie, floor of the place where they are placed.

The rubber is vulcanized from two different rubber mixtures:

  • Standard - is a mixture of natural and artificial rubber.
  • Fire-resistant ie. fireproof material classification Bfl-s1.

According to the EU standard, materials classified in this category are very limited in contribution to fire.

Classification of materials by behavior in fire by SRPS EN 13501-1

In both cases, rubber mixture are added ingredients: white fillers, oils, paraffin, softeners, agents for anti-aging , UV resistance, vulcanization ...

The mechanical properties of the both variants are as follows: hardness 70 ± 5ShA, adequate breaking strength, elongation, tear-resistant, wear-resistant and exceptional reflective elasticity ... with these tested properties we give a guarantee of 10 years under normal operating conditions.

They are maintained with standard hygiene products that are diluted and cleaned with water.

They are mounted on the floor by gluing. Adhesive Sintelan - Elapren780 is used.